Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ooh McDonalds you Temptress you

It always seems that when we want to get healthy or go on a diet, some temptation comes up that's near impossible to refuse. For me? Well it's monopoly time of the year at McDonalds.

It always seems this way though. Seems like as soon as I make up my mind to get healthy, there's something very yummy and fattening being dangled in front of me. The last time I went on a diet, you weren't allowed carbs or sugars. This diet only lasted 3 days. On the first day of the diet I was at work, and I could've gotten a hot lunch. Rare for a heavy equipment operator to get that, where I work anyways. Regardless, it was lunchtime and the other 3 people that were with me were obviously not dieting as they had a cheeseburger and poutine.

A Poutine for those that don't know is a Canadian dish that's served in every restaurant and some fast food chains like A&W. It's mainly fries, with some cheese curds (usually mozzarella) and topped off with gravy. More information can be found here:

So this year, I'm doing good and I'm going to the gym, gradually eating healthier day by day. Then the temptress comes along called McDonalds. I love it, and what's more is I love to collect the monopoly pieces and try to win stuff. Plus their coffee is amazing. I only eat the chicken stuff from there and most other fast food places. After a certain age and working there I cant stomach the processed patties anymore, the only things I can eat are the chicken stuff. The only somewhat processed burger I can eat is the sirloin uncle from A&W. Funny how you lose that taste for certain things, and what you could eat before, you can't anymore.

Maybe I'll just get a coffee..................hello monopoly pieces!.......

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