Thursday, 16 February 2012


I'll be the first to admit that it's not easy sticking to getting healthy. And cause I just got lazy I havent been in about two and a half or three months. I really need to kick my but in gear and get back there. First step though is I'm eating healthier than I used to. They say diet is the major part of getting back in shape.

A big change in my diet will come when September rolls around, because my fiancé will be going to school for baking. I'm going to swear off carbs for the year that she's in school. Wonder how that will go?

So to those who still read this blog (with the dust blown off now), I'm going to give a run down on a typical workday for me. Back to the gym fore tonight (honest) and may start to include progress pictures.

A typical workday for me:

5:40-5:50am- Get up and run around like a chicken with no head, get dressed and throw my lunch in my bag and out the door by 6:03am.

6:10am-ish- get on the bus and go comatose again.

7am- get to work and head to my equipment. I work in a mine as a heavy equipment operator.

8am- have two bananas and down almonds for breakfast. Then brush my teeth.

10 or 11am- salad, sometimes a sandwich or tuna.

1 or 2pm- lunch. It can vary from fish to a sandwich and almonds, or last nights supper.

4:30/5m- another salad or something light and probably some almonds.

7:35- shiftchange

8pm- get on bus to go home

8:55pm- get in the door, turn around twice and head to the gym.

9:10-9:15- arrive at gym

10:20-10:30- get home, have food, check computer, clean exfoliate and moisturizer face.

11:30-ish- bedtime.

Wash rinse and repeat for 3 days. Then 3 nights, and relax for 6 days off.

If I can fit that all into one day and still have time for my fiancé while working, then I can bet that anyone has time.

All it takes is some dedication. How bad do you want to reach your goal?