Monday, 9 January 2012

Kicking the Can! And the Can't

A lot of people have made new years resolutions and are doing their best to keep it up. People have decided to get in shape, eat better, and so on. I didn't think I'd ever make a new years resolution cause I'm not the type. I also said I probably wouldn't write a blog cause I'm not that type either ;). But I've made a couple new years resolutions and they are to get in shape, eat healthier, and lower my fast food intake.

One thing I am doing well so far is the fact that I'm lowering my soda intake. I'm kicking that out the door and drinking more water. The only pop I've really had has been Coke Zero. I've never been a big pop drinker, but I do have my binges like everyone else and have picked up the habit again for the past couple months. Time for it to go again.

There's a funny scenario I came across awhile back. I had went to the gym and had noticed a new person, and I usually don't notice people. Although when you're new at something you tend to look around for someone else that's new as well so we can compare and find a common ally. It's comforting in a way to see someone else who is new, and subconsciously we all loom around and compare and see if there is anyone worse off than us to make us feel better about ourselves. Got a bit off track there, anyways, this person was going good on a machine, yet I noticed a one litre of Pepsi. I immediately thought to myself "well, at least they're here trying and maybe drinking water instead will come second?". Small steps.

Which brings me to my next point. I'm not only kicking my pop can, but not giving up this year and focusing on my goals. Therefore kicking "can't" in the proverbial ass. So, I too, like the person at the gym am taking small steps.

One of my small steps was drinking more water. Now that I've gotten myself used to that over the past few months I've come across a scenario. Last couple of years I've switched to drinking coffee in the winters cause it's warm. Caffeine is useless to my system, it doesnt pep me up and sugar, similarly has no effect either. So I came up with a plan for those cold winter days. I love lemons so I'm now having hot water with lemons. It's so good. Anything with lemons is a plus for me. No sugar added either, just hot water and lemons. And so I can have lemons wherever I go, I've found a product in the tea section called True Lemon. It's in a bright yellow box (all the better, Yellow is my favorite colour) and its 100% natural, crystallized lemons. You'd think cause it is crystallized that there would be sugar but there isn't, and for you calorie counters out there it has no calories either.

Hope everyone is enjoying their New Years. Anyone care to share a resolution?