Sunday, 25 September 2011

Keep going

It's been a while since the last update. I've started the second phase of Sixpack Shortcuts on Friday sept.23.

It's hard when I got to this stage that I remember not to quit and remember my ultimate goal. It's not easy and I didn't like the gym last night cause I just didn't feel like going. It's mental hurdles like this that are put here to test you. It's hard when days like this come along, but I know if I can push through it I'll be back on track and wanting to go to the gym again right away.

Phase 2 in the Sixpack shortcuts program is about slimming down and creating good, solid, muscle. This is going to be a trying month for me cause I'm going to be trying to get into eating healthy.

With the convenience of fast food and premade sandwiches at the grocery store, it's hard to want to make your own meals and it's tempting to cheat. This is why when doing a nutrition change it's good to ask others in the same house to get healthy too. It's harder doing it alone. Luckily for me its just my fiancé and I living in the apartment and she's excellent at cooking. I don't think there is something she can't cook, and then there's me that can barely cook.

Til next time.

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