Thursday, 8 September 2011

I got through week ONE! YAY!

That was awesome. Today I have passed the Week One mark. WOW! I'm so happy. *idiotically does happy dance* you know you all do it too ¬_¬

Now the true test approaches, I finished my 6 day cycle of work, I now have 6 days off, and this is the challenge. Usually I'm prone to eating out cause of convenience, so now this is the true test to keep up my new diet. I like the sixpack shortcuts diet because, well, there is no diet. You start off by only changing one meal a day and then you slowly incorporate more. Just three basic rules to keep in mind: low fat, low sugar and low calories.

If I can do this and keep it up for a week, and I still have the urge to keep going, then anyone can do it. I'm on of the biggest procrastinators, and not afraid to admit it. But i'm changing that now, and love it.

I also have a tip for everyone. After your workout, if you choose to have a protein shake (like I'm having right now), it's most effective if you drink it within the 45 minutes after your workout. Learned that from a co-worker of mine.

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