Friday, 16 September 2011

Wild meat

Well I've been a bit busy. I haven't worked out in a couple days, due to getting back into sleeping at night. Lately I've been sleeping as if I were still on nightshift. Changed that now though cause I went to visit my future inlaws.

They live north of us, about an hour by 12 seater plane, in Fort Chipewyan. Not a very big place at all, but it's a nice place. Right now we are about a half hour boat ride away, at their cabin. It's not very big either haha, the cabin is a 2 room, I'm not very good at guessing lengths but I'd say that it's about 40 feet, by 40 feet.

My future inlays are native, and they hunt for a good majority of their food. They managed to snag a moose a couple days ago and we had some for supper tonight. The way it was cooked up was in a stirfry, very little seasoning, with some veggies. It's very good if you havent had it before. It has a kind of smokey taste to it, it holds together quite well so you know that it's very lean, and it's very filling as well.

Going to see tomorrow if we can catch some wild chickens as well. Wish me luck in shooting those!

I still have a couple days of workouts that don't involve weights, so I can do those. Seeing as it's Thursday right now and we go back to town on Monday, I'm going to have to get creative. I need weights for a couple of my days here. I will check what we have around and I will report back.

This will be interesting......... And just maybe, I'll include some pics.

Please note this was slated for Thursday and it's Friday now. Connection issues last night.

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