Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 4 and Day off!

Well I forgot to update yesterday as it was getting a bit late when I got home from the gym. But last night was easier than day 3, I didn't feel like I was ready to collapse and die.

Day 4 consisted of 20 seconds each of, high knees (basically stand there and bring your knees up to about your waste, so you're kind of jumping in place almost), and then 20 seconds of, what they call "Half Burpees", sounds retarded for a exercise I think. But that consists of being in a push up type position so that you're arms are fully extended, and you jump your legs from full extension til you're knees at are about your waist. Great for the abs. Then it's 20 seconds of crunches, but instead of bringing your shoulder and head up, you bring your knees up. They're harder actually a bit easier than normal crunches.

So you do those three exercises for 20 seconds each, no rest in between then you're supposed to rest for 90 seconds, and you're supposed to do 10 sets. But for the first 6 sets I only rested for 60 seconds. Then for the last four I was feeling a bit tired so I rested for the full 90 seconds.

It was worth it, I feel my abs today and they definitely got a good workout. They aren't sore, but you can feel that they were worked.

Now, that was all last night. Today is the day off, and then back on my 4 day routine again. They said on the website that to take the day off if you need it. Well I didn't need it, but I didn't have time today as I'm switching from dayshift to nightshift.

Back to the gym after work in the morning.

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