Thursday, 1 September 2011

I survived the first one.

So, after carefully deciding whether or not to go through with this new workout regime, I Xmas to the conclusion that a test trial is best. I've already paid the $97 for the first month, and my employer has a deal for gym memberships that expires on the 16th.

I'm not fond of gyms but after shopping around for one, I found a nice and quiet gym where everyone just keeps to themselves. It's called Worlds Gym. Not a bad spot, and there's rarely more than a couple dozen people in there, at the most. It's also a 24 hour gym, so that cuts back on the amount of people, plus it fits my lifestyle.

Day one (done yesterday) focused on total body workout. What I did was sone warmup push ups, benchpresses, weighted squats, calf raises, to name a few. There was a bit more than that but I won't bore you with the details. Everything is done in two sets of 12 with a 90 second rest period.

For someone like me, who is 5ft 7", and about 190 pounds, and doesn't exercise at all. It was tough. It wasn't "oh my god! I'm gonna collapse at any second!" tough, but the exercises were hard and the rest time gave you just enough time to recover and go again. The only one I had issues doing was the third exercise. First you do benchpress, then curls, then you sit and push a barbell up and above your head. That's the only one I could get my arms up about halfway and they stopped. My muscles just refused to go any further.

I must say though, for someone like me, who didn't exercise before, it's tough. But with the 90 second breaks it's very do-able. I'm surprised honestly that I didn't find it as hard as I thought. I didn't think I'd make it halfway through, because as you write things down, your head starts to spin and doubt tries to creep it's way in.

Today is the day after and I'm feeling good. I thought I for sure would be sore and that's partially true. If I move my left arm back further than I should, then yes, it feels a but tender, and getting up and sitting down is a little tender, but not too bad.

Thanks for reading. Questions?......

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