Monday, 12 September 2011

3rd times a charm!

Well this will be my third time going through the four day cycle. I'm surprised that you notice results so quickly. Since I have never worked out before this and I'm just getting into shape now. My pathetic attempts have reached a whopping 20 pounds on the benchpress. Woooo. There is still one workout that I have problems doing though. When you are at the bench press and you turn around to face the bar, (backwards basically) and you sit up and you push the bar up above your head. That's still hard. Can't do very many of those yet. I'm sure it will come in time though.

Soon coming up to two weeks on the program as well and I'm very excited. Wasn't sure I'd last this long at it. As I had said before, I'm surprised at how quickly you notice results. Not on my body yet, but in the amount of weight I can lift. It hasn't gone up by much, but it's nice to see that slow gradual climb in the weights.

As you also have noticed I didn't post yesterday. That was my day off, and it was great. Didn't do very much until later on in the day when we decided to go out for the night. It's nice to let yourself relax and give yourself a day off. Like was stated in the Sixpack Shorcuts video's that if you need to take a day or two off, then do so. They recommend to do about 4 days a week.

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