Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Throw out that weight scale! You are NOT defined by a Number

I don't know what it is, but lately it seems all that's been popping out at me are things about weight. Losing weight, gaining weight, you have to be at this weight to be happy, and all these numbers that are being thrown around.

For one, there is this stupid thing called a BMI. Which stands for Body Mass Index, and it's a stupid calculation of your weight and height and it gives you your ideal weight. Problem is, it's not accurate, for someone like me, who's 5 foot 6 1/2, they say my ideal weight is about 140-145. I would look really scrawny at that weight. Also a second thing is the media, saying what weight people should be.

Just the other day on the news they were talking about weight and Rosario Dawson came up. They said that when she went to go play a drug addict on the movie RENT, she was really underweight and was scrawny, cause that's how they wanted to portray a drug addict. When she was filming for that movie, the media went crazy calling her "beautiful", "the perfect weight". Are these people blind?! She was almost nothing but bones in that movie and the media thought she was beautiful. As for the men's side of things, when did it get popular that men were so skinny they could wear skinny jeans? That's a fad that I wish would have never come out. I can't find one single person on who, a pair of skinny jeans looks good on.

So it got me reiterating, what I've always thought, that people should focus on looking healthy and going by how they look to define whether or not they are healthy. I for one, will never focus on a number, because we shouldn't be defining the looks of our bodies by a number. We should be evaluating ourselves (based on looks), and decide if we look healthy or not. With that being said, there are eating disorders that people have/develop and it's not easy to decide if we look healthy or not when in that state of mind. But we should always use our brains to decide if we look healthy or not. Nobody else should be deciding that for us.

Also, lately for the past week and a half. I have not gone to the gym. I'm starting month two over again. I went  up to my in-laws for a week and my diet went out the window because of my mother in-laws amazing cooking. But as of right now, my fiance and I are both on track for starting a low carb diet, and we are going to stick with it. She has decided on trying to go to the gym more often and since we have both decided to stick to a rough diet plan, then that's all the easier on the both of us. Right now for instance, she's frying up steaks with mushrooms, a bit of potatoes, and broccoli with cheese. Mind you, the cheese isn't that healthy, but I haven't had much dairy today. So for the last time, I'm starting month 2 over again. Who ever said getting in shape was easy anyways?

A good rule that I had read in men's health (this can apply to men or women) that one way to stick to your diet is to post a picture of yourself now, in just your undies, on the fridge. It should make you think twice about grabbing that jello pudding, or something healthier (in my case, it's Pickles, mmmmmmmm).

So, back on track tomorrow, starting a rough diet plan (I can never stick to a diet, a rough outline is what always works best for me), and I'm working on compiling some pictures so that I can get some fall fashion stuff up for you guys and gals. Wish me luck, and hopefully I've inspired someone out there.......is anyone out there?.......


  1. Me! Great post, I agree absolutely, especially about skinny jeans on men.

  2. Glad someone is not only reading this, but agrees with my opinion about skinny jeans on men.