Tuesday, 1 November 2011

HEY! LOOK! Another entry..

Well I have a few topics to cover and I couldn't figure out a title first of all. Hahaha.

So, I'm back at the gym and it feels great. Only have been back for one day, but that's better than nothing. When I went there and I was paying my monthly fee, the woman looked at the computer and said in a funny tone "oh wow. You haven't been here in a whiiiile". Come on, I only missed two and a half weeks, plus if we never fall off the wagon and make a mistake, we never learn. I must say too, that I had his happen to me when I first started at the gym. For some unknown reason I would get a headache. I think from lack of hydration. But after a few days the headaches went away. Any of you had this when you started working out?

Also I'm looking for your input. What kid of low carb meals can I make? I've got some ideas already but it's hard to keep things fresh.

Also I said I would give you some info on fall fashion. Living with my fiancé, you get to know the fashions of each season and if they repeated it or it's original. Apparently this one is pretty original, a while ago she was sifting through her new Cosmo to find out what the fall fashion was. After a few pages she joyfully announced that the fashion for fall was Leather and Knit. Interesting combination I think. Hard edgy leather mixed with the sweet seduction and innocence of knit. What do I mean by knit? Anything that looks like its been knitted, that could be a scarf, top, gloves, hat, etc........ So to see for myself if it was true I looked through my Men's Health when I got it, and sure enough in every ad, each person was wearing leather and knot. And this goes for men and women.

Depending on what you guys say, I was debating making a short video about my work days. My workday is long enough, but adding exercise to the mix was hard cause it lessened my time at home. If I can fit a workout into my busy workdays, then ANYONE that wants to get in shape, surely can fit it into their day.


  1. Interesting about leather and knits, I would have had no idea.

    Reading your struggles and triumphs has made me get out and walk more. I'm kind of stuck without a vehicle, so getting to a gym is difficult but I'll walk for about 40 minutes every lunch when it's a nice day. Interestingly, there's a craft store a 15 minute walk from work. :)

  2. Wow well that's great. I never thought that I would inspire someone to go walking. You just made my whole week. And if the walk tends to go to, or pass by a craft store, well, I guess that's just fate :).