Thursday, 10 November 2011

Feel the Burn? I don't think so....

A word of warning to everyone who reads this, that the popular phrase, that usually runs along the lines of "work out until you feel the burn", I don't agree with that at all. It can cause nausea, headaches, and it can be mentally unhealthy. I say mentally unhealthy rather than physically unhealthy, because usually you can tell what your muscles limits are and how far you can push yourself. The media tends to brings along this idea though that we should be going til we "feel the burn", but what if we do? Ok, so lets expand on that for a minute. Your brain (cause of the media) is telling your body that you should push yourself til you "feel the burn", so you do. What happens on the way to feeling that burn? Your muscles get tired and they can feel weak. But HEY! There's that burn everyone's talking about, that must be a good sign that I'm doing something right. Right? Say you're doing a benchpress and this whole thought process occurs. Is it still right when you feel the burn to keep going, and your muscles can't go any farther and you almost drop the bar on your neck? Or if you are doing lunges and you feel the burn, but cause your only focusing on the burning feeling in your leg, you lose concentration and almost twist an ankle? Does the "feel the burn" theory still apply there? I would value anyone's opinion on this matter. As tonight when I was busy doing step downs I almost twisted my ankle and it got me to thinking about this whole "feel the burn" mentality. Also, just if anyone is curious. I haven't posted for the past few days because I've been suffering from a severe migraine and had to go to the hospital last night to finally get relief. No idea what caused it, and I've only ever gotten one migraine before this. But this one was bad and I was constantly losing my balance and I found it hard to concentrate on anything. All better now, and since I was unable to go to the gym in fear that it would make my migraine worse, I stayed home. But now I'm back at the gym and feeling good about having gone. Good thing I went when I did cause there's a midnight release of a new game I've been looking forward to. Honestly, I'm such a geek, I don't know how I ever found the inspiration to get my ass to the gym like I do. How has everyone else been doing lately?

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